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Services We Provide

Our goal at Home Sweet Home Care is to efficiently provide an array of professional services that will speed the patient’s recovery from illness or injury, facilitate rehabilitation, and promote health. Skilled nursing promotes the patient’s health, through the provision of direct patient care and patient/family instruction in self-care techniques.

Services we provide:

Nursing: RN & LPN

• Catheter care & ostomy care
• Wound care and wound vac
• Sterile dressing change
• Post operative care
• Physical assessment report to physicians
• Injections / IV infusions
• Lab test blood draws
• Diabetic monitory and teaching
• Medication administration and setup
• Insuring administration and Prefill syringes
• Patient / family teaching for disease management
• Falls and fall prevention
• Other services, as ordered by physician

Home Care Aides
• Bathing
• Special skin care
• Personal hygiene
• Ambulation assistance
• Modified exercise programs
• Patient’s personal laundry
• Patient’s personal meal preparation
• Homemaker services
• Reports to nurses all changes in patient's condition

Physical Therapy
• Program to improve functional strength, range of motion, 
   posture, balance, coordination
• Thorough instruction in use of equipment for client and family
• Gait and transfer training
• Pain control through various modalities

Speech Therapy
• Neurologic disabilities affecting speech
• Treatment of articulation / language disorders
• Audiologic habilitation
• Remediation of speech resulting from oro-facial disabilities
• Dysphagic training
• Treatment of speech-flow disorders
• Family counseling and instruction

Occupational Therapy 

• Graded exercise to increase function and strength
• Graded activity to increase endurance and safety
• Retraining to improve capabilities with bath and dressing
• Patient and family education in areas of adaptive equipment

Medical Conditions that which may need home health:
• Fractured hip and hip and knee replacement
• Fractures of upper extremities
• Diabetes
• Congestive heart failure (CHF)
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Arteriosclerotic heart disease (CAD)
• Multiple sclerosis
• Colostomy patients
• Draining wounds – post surgery
• Post myocardial infarction
• Terminal cancer (non-hospice)
• Osteoarthritis / DJD
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Hypertension
• Parkinsons
• Alzheimers
• Leukemia
• Cirrhosis of the liver and ascites
• Amputees
• Compression fracture
• Decubitus ulcers
• Post cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
• Blood dyscrasias
• Post-op dressing changes and suture removal
• Post cataract surgery
• Foley catheter care
• The Plegias

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